Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Tale of Student Teaching Linky Party

I've been thinking a lot about my student teaching these past few weeks for a couple of reasons.  I have two friends moving from teaching first grade to fourth (like me going from student teaching to my own classroom).  One of those friends is one from my credential program, and she is coming to my district!

This couldn't be a better time for The Polished Teacher's A Tale of Student Teaching Linky Party!

First, I'm going to summarize my credential program because from talking to others and reading blogs, I think that my program was unlike many of yours.

It was 13 months long, June to the following July, and included a Masters in Teaching.  Here's a basic outline of our year:

  • June-August:  University Classes
  • August - December:  Starting on the first teacher-duty day, we were in our first placement.  For this quarter, we spent 3 half days (with university classes in the afternoon/evening) and 1 full day (with university classes in the evening) in our placement.  Fridays were all day university classes.
  • January-June: We were in our second placement.  At the beginning, it was the same schedule as before, but by April we were in the placement full time, with university classes only in the evening.
  • July: Finishing Masters

Without further ado:

What advice do you have for those starting student teaching?

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