Sunday, August 5, 2012


I have had the Olympics on almost constantly!  I've learned that I quite like volleyball (both beach and indoor), and of course gymnastics and swimming.  But my very very very favorite is that water polo is on and ITS ON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY.  Why did that deserve all caps, you ask?  

  1. Because I played water polo in high school and college and miss it so much, so I love watching it.  
  2. Because it used to be on in the middle of the night.  In high school, we had sleep overs to watch!
The highlights of my days lately have been polo games. :)  I really need to get back to a normal sleep schedule.  The Olympics being on until midnight each night has kept me up way too late!!!

I get my keys back TOMORROW.  My summer to do list is still a mile long, which is stressing me out!  I just keep reminding myself that last year, I set up my classroom and planned for the first day in three days.  I still have two and a half weeks right now, so I can do it.

Both of my back to school must haves have to do with organization because last year my organization was terrible, which is totally out of character for me and made things so much more difficult.  I wasted so much time looking for things.  My goal this year is to be 100% organized!

Thanks to Farley once again for hosting!


  1. Hey Dani! I found you through the linky. I'm loving the Olympics too! I do not know how you water polo peeps swim and tread water that long! I'm impressed! I'm your newest follower:-) Stop by my blog and say hi:-) Deana

  2. I definitely know what you mean about organization! I've always considered myself an organized person, but definitely didn't feel like I was as organized I as I could have been last year. It's one of my biggest goals for this year!! Good Luck!

  3. I want my summer to be longer! I want to play and sleep in and stay up sleep schedule is way off. I also want to get a ton of organizing in my classroom. I know if I don't get it done before school starts I will regret it all year long.

    Terri Izatt

  4. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am following yours now. I love how colorful it is!! Also, thanks for the suggestion to read "The Book Whisperer!" I'm really excited to get my hands on it!