Monday, June 17, 2013

My First Monday Made-It of Summer 2013

Today marks the start of my productive summer.  I've spent most of the time over the past three days watching movies (we went to see Man of Steel - I was SO bored for the second half of the movie), TV shows on Netflix (I'm a bit late to The Office), playing video games, reading blogs, and just generally being a bump on a log.

Well, no more!

Today starts my summer of:

  • wedding planning
  • exercising
  • eating healthy
  • working on school projects
  • finally finishing setting up my apartment (almost two years into living here)

I did get started on the first of my Summer-To-Do-List for school - ORGANIZING MASTER COPIES.  That means I have something to link up to Tara's Monday Made-It!!!

The first step in making organization that you'll actually use is making something cute (or at least decently nice looking), right? 

 I have decided to use binders.  I'll go more into my reasons once this project is finished, and I can proudly present the final product.  Therefore, my first step was making covers and spine inserts for my binders.  Now, these aren't the cutest things in the world, but once they are printed on brightly colored paper and lined up in a neat row on my book case, I think they will look plenty pretty enough to make me happy.  I also made a page to put in the front of each binder that lists the standards covered in that binder and some of the bigger, overarching standards (especially those in Common Core).  I am really trying to focus on the standards rather than the curriculum, especially for the coming year with having to use our old curriculum to meet Common Core (plus, my team-mates and I found this year that the activities we come up with to meet the standards are almost always more fun for students than the curriculum's).

Here's the whole document - 71 pages!
Fonts: Oh {Photo} Shoot by Kevin and Amanda, Tekton Pro Bold, Tekton Pro BoldExt.
Border :  From the Pond    

An example social studies binder - the front has the topic and the over -arching standard.
The next page is the full standard and the chapters in our textbook it relates to
(this will be the first thing in the binder) and the last page has Analysis Skills we
are supposed to teach all year long (it will be on the back of the standards page).
Social Studies and Science Binders have California State Standards.

An example for math.  I split these up by Common Core domain.
Down at the bottom of the last page are the 8 Mathematical Practices, just to keep them in my brain!
Math binders have California Common Core (so, Common Core plus CA's additions).

An example for Language Arts.  Again, the last page has the broader Common Core standards.
Language Arts binders have California Common Core

My Language Arts spine inserts.  I decided not to make them full
length because it is so hard to get a full length one in, am I right?!?!?

Would you like to use these?  

Click HERE to go to the PDF in Google Docs.  Click HERE to go to an editable Word Doc in Google Docs, so you can edit (though I'm not sure how well the formatting will transfer - make sure you have the fonts downloaded)!

Happy Monday!  


  1. Very cool products! Thanks for sharing! I love it when I find another 4th grade teacher's blog. Stop by some time!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. I'm working on binder covers for next week's Monday Made It! Yours turned out great! Would love for you to stop by my blog sometime!

    Success in Second Grade

    1. Good luck on your binder covers! I can't wait to see what you do - there's always room to tweak mine!

  3. Wow! These are amazing! I LOVE the way you have them organized! I teach third grade, but I can easily change things up to fit my standards. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I hope they are helpful! A tip if you want to change them to third grade quickly - I was able to find
      Common Core math and language arts for California (not sure where you are) in a Word Doc on the Department of Education Website. I just copy/pasted and changed it to the font I wanted. That part went so much more quickly than typing out the science and social studies ones!

  4. I have the same plans for my apartment this summer, too! I swear, it still kinda looks like I just moved in!

    Third Grade in the First State

    1. Parts of mine definitely do still look like I just moved in ... and then other parts look like I've lived here for years because of the clutter! Good luck to us on getting things set up!