Sunday, September 9, 2012

Designating Task Days

I'm loving Clutter Free Classroom's new daily posts, especially Teacher Time Saver Tuesday.  I am working slightly less this year than last, and I feel more relaxed, but I still greatly envy those teachers I know who don't work all weekend long.

This past Tuesday was possibly the most brilliant and "duh" time saving tip possible:
Designate Task Days
Take a look at Clutter Free Classroom's post here.

Basically, figure out what you do every week and plan when you will do it.

So, here is my plan.  I'm going to try my hardest to stick to it starting tomorrow.

Before school: Copy things for today and put everything else I need for the week in for copy helpers.
Prep:  Laminate and cut anything I need for this week
After School: Hang student work and/or do something off of my still to be done for my classroom list.

Before School: Plan Social Studies or Science for next week
After School: Check off homework/classwork (ungraded things), week-specific things
Aide Time:  Grade and enter spelling test from last week, file student work

Before School: Plan Math for next week
After School: Check off homework/classwork (ungraded things)


Before School: Plan Reading for next week
After School: Check off homework/classwork (ungraded things), week-specific things

Before School: Plan Writing for next week
Prep: Update bulletin boards
After School: Check off homework/classwork (ungraded things)

Grade and enter (except spelling tests)
Make any worksheets/activities that I didn't make during planning times

Although this doesn't leave my weekends totally free, it leaves them much freer than they have been in the past.  I really feel like this plan is do-able, except maybe when I have meetings with parents before school, which happens about once per month.

Thanks for the tip, Clutter Free Classroom!


  1. Good luck with it. I need to sit down and plan out my task lists for the week. I am also trying to plan out home things like cleaning and exercising. I bought an Erin Condren planner. I am hoping this will help me organize and schedule all aspects of life. Good luck with the new schedule.
    ~April Walker
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  2. That's a great idea! I need to do something as well! Especially with planning out when to update my bulletin boards! That is always time consuming and I feel like I always move it to the bottom of my list!

    Lessons with Laughter