Saturday, September 7, 2013

Classroom Reveal

Well, we've been in school for 2.5 weeks now, and I'm finally getting around to showing off my classroom.

 Hopefully, as I settle into a routine, I'll find the time to post about this first few weeks.

Without further ado, my classroom...

First some, in the process pics:
When I walked in
Trying out desk arrangements

More desk arrangments
And one more failed try
At the end of Day 1
At the end of Day 2

And ... then I forgot to keep taking in progress pictures, but here is my classroom a few weeks later, many days of working in the classroom and about a week of teaching later:
From the door.  I finally decided on 2 groups of six and 5 groups of 4.

Classroom library, math board, mailboxes, computers, and whole class meeting area.
This has also become this class' favorite work area.
This is the corner that is cut off to the right in the picture above.

A shot from the library/whole group area.
I can't wait to do We're So Proud next week!  See my post here.

Directly opposite the door.
This is my One Class, Many Cultures Board (see post here),  Welcome board (this will be my science board once we start science), and my Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots Word Wall (This is new for this year and I am so excited!)
My desk (which I made take up WAY less room this year!),
Student Supply and turn-in table (on the right),  math manipulatives (white drawers to the right
and bottom of book case - I love that these are accessible to students all the time now).
Close up of "the bookcase."
Top shelf: Daily copies, my Copy File Laminate box (with birthday pencils sitting on top)
Second shelf: My school's Character Building Books, a tub of things for helpers
(parents, middle school volunteers, etc) to do, and paper clips/push pins.
Third row: Master copies of things I use regularly, Sub Binder,
Folders to hold temporary centers, one tub of math manipulatives, and empty space.
Bottom Row: Math manipulatives that the students can use anytime
(although I guess we need to talk about putting them back since there is a missing tub!)
On top of the drawers is the prize box, raffle, and
Caught Being Good (school wide positive behavior system)

Front left of the room. 

Close up of the front left of the whiteboard.
This has our schedule and procedures we use daily, like our Morning and Afternoon Routine, When You Finish Early List, who the Lunch Helpers are, and who the Homework Checkers are.

The Reading Workshop (loosely based on Daily 5) board.  This is under the whiteboard.
I'm trying desperately to make productive use of that space,
but I'm worried that it won't be a visible enough reminder of what they need to do.

Trying out hand signals this year.  So far, we're only using the 1, 2, 3, 4 and me too.
 I started getting overwhelmed because I couldn't remember what each one meant,
so I had to turn around and look at this (it's above the whiteboard).
These posters are from Clutter Free Classroom
(but I had to print in black and white and color them - the printer and I were fighting)

I'm trying out mostly group jobs this year (the big circles) with just a few individual jobs
(the little circles with blurred out names).  I'm sure this will get a whole post later on!

Is there anything in my room you'd like to see me write a post about?

I hope you enjoyed looking around and that your school year is off to a fabulous start!

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