Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Made It

Finally, I got some things made!  Tara's Monday Made It has helped motivate me to get some of this done.

First off, I made letters for my bulletin boards.  I had some random letters that the teacher before me left, but there were almost never enough to make the words I wanted and most of the colors didn't go with my color scheme for this year and I didn't like that there was only one size, so I typed all the words I wanted, printed them on colored card stock, and cut, cut, cut.  Over 160 letters!  Once I'm back at school, I'll laminate and then cut again.

These are my favorite of the letters:

For these letters, I put images of different flags behind the letters and then printed in color on white card stock.  I did the U.S. flag for One, the California flag for Class (because my students and I all share those), and then a variety of flags for Many Cultures.  I think it turned out super cute!  There is one mistake in it that I'm wondering if is worth me fixing.  Can you spot it?

The first project my students do (all 4th grade at my school did it last year) is to do a report on the country their family is from.  Kids who's family comes from many places can choose one, but most of my students' families are from one place, and many of my students were born there.  We have students from so many places that these reports are really interesting.   They also decorate a "little me" that I put up on a board that stays up all year.  Here is the board from last year:
I promos that says One Class, Many Cultures ... I just used blue letters on a blue background ... bad choice!
The flags down the side represent all of the countries my students did reports on.

Next up, modge podge extravaganza.  I have been saving all plastic/cardboard containers I can find!  Sour cream, coffee, Nesquick, Pringles, cream cheese ...  I modge-podged cute napkins on them (I learned the hard way to modge-podge white paper on the parts where the white design is first).  

and after ...
Those of you who are very observant may notice that there are more containers in the before than in the after and that you can still see some that need to be done in the background of my after picture. I still have some to cover, but I don't have specific plans for those yet.  I know I'll need more containers as I organize my classroom, so they'll be useful I'm sure.  The ones you see labeled with groups and supplies will be my community supplies.  Each group will have a container with just a few things.  Students will also have supplies in their desks.  The list on the back will help students stay responsible for what should be in the group's container.

You observant ones may have also noticed that the labels are  different from the labels I made and posted a few weeks ago.  First, I realized the ones I had made didn't fit quite right, so I made a new version of rainbow labels.  Here's a copy of those (including the supply list).  Then, I printed them again and realized that they just didn't look right on my containers, so I made the black and white ones.  You can get them here.

Can't wait to see what everyone else has made!


  1. I love the letters you made out of cardstock! What a great way to highlight different cultures.

    Precious Kinder Moments

  2. I love the one class, Many cultures sign! What a great idea to use the different flags!


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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm your newest follower!